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2014 Classes are Available!

There is an outstanding line-up of trainings for Winter/Spring 2014. This wide range of trainings is sure to meet your training needs.

Calendar of Trainings


Welcome to the NM ATODA Prevention Workforce Training System

The Training System provides ATODA prevention training opportunities for organizations funded by NM Office of Substance Abuse Prevention, as well as for prevention professionals and advocates interested in furthering their professional knowledge of evidence-based substance abuse prevention, regardless of their funding stream.

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The Training System now offers trainings ONLINE!

In order to expand the capacity and access to trainings for preventionists across the state, the training system is offering online trainings in addition to the in-person trainings.

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Matt Robinson is the winner of the first $50 Gift Card of 2014!

When you complete the 6-week follow-up evaluation, you can enter a drawing to win one of three (per year) $50 gift cards. Thank you for taking the time to complete the follow-up evaluations!

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