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The Quarter Two Winners of the three $50 Gift Cards are Krystal Enjady, Makhpiya Black Elk & Rebecca Kennedy.

When you complete the quarterly follow-up evaluation, you can enter a drawing to win one of three $50 gift cards. Thank you for taking the time to complete the follow-up evaluations!

What's New

We are pleased to welcome you to our FY16 Website and Training Calendar!

The New Mexico ATODA Prevention Workforce Training System works with the Office of Substance Abuse Prevention to provide substance abuse prevention trainings at all levels for preventionists and Coalitions across the state of New Mexico! Be sure to check back often to see the current training calendar.

Online Training

The Training System offers trainings ONLINE!

In order to expand the capacity and access to trainings for preventionists across the state, the Training System offeris online trainings in addition to the in-person trainings!
  • Online Training Participant - FY15

    I like the learning environment, I enjoyed being responsible for what content I choose to learn and make use of. Gave me control of my learning style.
  • Training Participant - FY15

    I work with a diverse group of people in our coalition and the skills and knowledge I gained in the training has helped to integrate the information into how we interact with the community.
  • Training Participant - FY15

    The very next day I had a workshop to facilitate. I was able to pull back from my old habits and input the information I learned. It went really well and the students opened up much more than usual!
  • Training Participant - FY15

    I often referred back to the information we obtained on writing goals and SMART objectives for guidance on choosing effective strategies.