Trainer Bios

Ginny Adame

Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a Minor in Psychology

Certifications: Senior Certified Prevention Specialist (SCPS), Certified Public Official (C.P.O.)

Ms. Adame began her work in prevention in 1996 following her work as a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Victim Advocate.  While working with people impacted by violence, Ms. Adame was drawn to the field of prevention in hopes of decreasing the number of youth and families impacted by violence and substance misuse in the future.  The unique thing about prevention is when it is practiced utilizing evidence-based prevention practices/theory it can have a wider than expected reach.  For example, work in Bullying prevention, which might focus on building social and healthy coping skills research has shown that this will not only impacts Bullying, but it can also impact substance use and other areas important to one’s overall health and wellness.   Evidence-based prevention which focuses on increasing resiliency and decreasing risk has many beneficial effects potentially producing a very broad reach with impact ranging from decreases in substance misuse, suicide, violence, teen pregnancy, and juvenile delinquency to increases in success in school, positive health outcomes, and connectivity to the community. 

Ms. Adame has been a Certified Prevention Specialist 2008 and has been working in field of prevention on and off for 15 years and is currently one of only (7) Senior Certified Prevention Specialists in the State of New Mexico.  Ms. Adame has worked extensively in community based prevention, serving on numerous local and state boards focused on health, safety, and wellness. 


Tracey M. Cordero

Degrees: MBA Syracuse University

Since 2012, Tracey has been working in tribal communities to develop culturally meaning prevention strategies and systems.  This work includes building community coalitions, gaining and sustaining tribal leadership buy-in and engagement, and developing community centered planning and evaluation tools. In recent years she has provided several trainings ranging in topics from building community capacity to delivering the 40-day Strategic Prevention Framework training.  All of her prevention work has been in Tribal communities.  As a tribal member from one of our local tribal communities, Tracey is able to provide a unique view of how traditional ways of life go hand in hand with prevention best practices.  This unique point of view has allowed her to best guide communities that are striving to do prevention in way that honors tribal life while at the same time incorporating evidence-based prevention practices. 



Paula Feathers

Degrees: BUS (Native American Studies/Psychology) and MA (Administrative Leadership)

Paula Feathers (Pawnee/Cherokee) is an organizational development consultant whose services include: facilitation, training (both in person and online), system development, project management, grant writing, and strategic planning. Paula’s areas of specialty are substance use prevention and strength and outcome-based approaches to community work. Paula owns her own business, Kamama Consulting, that provides services to Tribes, states, and community organizations. Some of her notable projects include directing federally funded Tribal prevention projects, directing a statewide substance use prevention training system, and co-evaluating a federally funded Tribal prevention grant. Paula received her undergraduate University Studies degree from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. Ms. Feathers received her master’s degree in Administrative Leadership from the University of Oklahoma in Norman. She was raised in the Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico.

Lissa Knudsen

Degrees: MPH

Lissa Knudsen, is a public speaking instructor and an award winning freelance public health journalist. Lissa has successfully led multiple policy campaigns on behalf of New Mexicans with substance use disorders and brings real world speaking examples to her college level public speaking classes. Lissa also brings insights into how to talk to journalists and how to frame and message to mass media audiences. Lissa understands the science behind anxiety and is especially skilled in helping participants navigate their fears of public speaking in a way that enables them to meet their speaking goals. She has inspired, taught, and developed thousands of public speakers and future leaders as an instructor at the University of New Mexico and Central New Mexico Community College.

Donna Marie Lucero

Degrees: BA Psycology, MA Counceling
Certifications: LPCC

As a native New Mexican and a woman of color, born and raised in Albuquerque my teaching approach is always influenced by who I am and where I come from. Additionally, working in my community for 28+ years has given me some insight into our New Mexico cultural diversity. Further, trauma impacts everyone differently despite culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, level of ability, economic status, etc. All those factors are important and must be considered and honored, and still trauma's impact is varied person to person, child to child and family to family.

Donna Lucero is the Clinical Director at All Faiths, a native New Mexican, a University of New Mexico graduate (BA in psychology, with a minor in family studies; MA in Counseling). With over 28 years of experience working with kids & families who have experienced trauma, mental health issues, poverty and adversity, Donna strongly believes in the critical nature of early childhood development and the importance of healthy brain development, attachment & relationship for kids to grow to be healthy, productive adults.  She believes strongly in the critical importance of family, community and social support, healthy relationships, movement, music, nature and activity, not only helping people heal, but eradicating violence and harm in our families and communities, and resources to facilitate healing, mastery and integration over trauma.

Donna has extensive training working with youth who have engaged in sexual harm and children with sexual behavior problems.  Extensive training in early childhood development and various intervention models including the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics; Attachment, Regulation and Competence; Practice Self-Regulation, Circle of Security; Nurtured Heart; Nurturing Parenting and Brain Gym.

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