Training Evaluation

Participants are asked to evaluate their training experience at two points in time: immediately following the training, and in a Quarterly follow-up. This provides the Training System with information about how effective and useful the trainings are.


Post Evaluations

Immediately following the training, participants complete a post evaluation form. In addition to ratings about the trainer, the materials and the overall training experience, participants are also asked to rate their skills/knowledge before and after the training. This learner self-assessment provides feedback for ensuring that trainings are meeting the learning needs of the participants who attend.


Follow-up Evaluations

Participants in the Training System trainings are also asked to complete a Quarterly follow-up evaluation online. These follow-up evaluations play a critical role for understanding how useful and applicable the skills and knowledge are to participants who attend the training. It is also an opportunity to make suggestions to the Training System about what other trainings you would like to see offered.


The follow-up Evaluation Form is a short, 10-question, easy to use online survey. If you have any difficulty with the form, the site, or would like to get more information about the evaluation, please e-mail the Training System.


Follow-Up Evaluation Process

Approximately 4 weeks following the completion of each Quarter, participants receive an e-mail with a link to the online Follow-up Evaluation form. The form is submitted directly to the evaluator. If a participant does not complete the form within 3 days of the first e-mail, a reminder e-mail will be sent.

Participants can choose to be entered in random drawings for prizes after completion of the follow-up survey.

The NM Prevention Workforce Training System appreciates your participation in the evaluation process.

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