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Online Training:
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Other Training Resources:
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About Online Trainings

Online trainings provide a way to study at your own pace. Online training materials are available for one full week. In addition to specific requirements such as online reading materials and activities, they will also provide the opportunity to discuss ideas with Preventionists and other professionals from around the state in an online discussion forum.

To Register

To register for an online training, first go to the Training Registration calendar, where all currently scheduled trainings are listed. At the time that you register, you will create an Account Login, which you will be able to use to access the online trainings you are registered for.

Click here for a QuickStart Guide to Navigating Online Trainings

What to Expect

Online trainings have the same registration and payment requirements as in person trainings. Each online training is limited to 40 participants. Please register for an online training ONLY if you intend to complete the entire training.

How online trainings are organized

  • Training materials are organized into modules called Learning Paths, based on the main objectives of the training.
  • Each Learning Path involves specific requirements, which may include online readings, video and audio clips, narrated PowerPoint slides, assignments, quizzes, surveys, and discussion boards.
  • Each training includes a pre- and post-test. In order to receive a Certificate of Completion, you must complete all required assignments and pass the post-test.
  • All trainings also include an evaluation for you to give feedback to the Training System about how it went. 

Time Commitment and Completion Policies 
  • The online training is intended to be a similar investment of time as a face-to-face training, and you will recieve a corresponding number of 'contact hours' for the training as you would if it was in person.
  • Be advised an online training requires dedicated time and attention for work that must be submitted in order to successfully complete the online training. Due to the time sensitivity and attention needed an online training is more intensive than an in-person training. Each online training will have the number of hours it will take to complete the training listed on the registration page. Plan to spend at least that much time completing the course, Note: participants who do not complete the pre-test by the 3rd day of training will be dropped from the course.
  • Any Core Team Member who does not complete 2 online trainings will need to pay full price if they register for another online training. Only after paying for, and completing this training, will you be eligible to attend future online trainings at no cost.
  • Non-Core Team Members - payment must be made 3 business days before the online training or you will be dropped from the registration list. Participants who do not complete the course in the designated time will not be issued a refund.


Find Some of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions Below

These are some of the most frequent questions about online courses. If after reading below you do not see the answer to your questions, please feel free to contact Technical Support at

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1. How do I get an account?

When you register for an online training (listed in the "Training Registration" calendar), you will create your account login username and password. This is your account login information that you will use to access your online training.

2. How do I access my online training?

To access your online training, first enter your username and password to login to your account. When you do, you will be automatically taken to the list of online trainings you are currently taking. A new menu will also appear called "Online Trainings," and if you navigate to a different page, you can click that link to return to the online training area of the website.

One week prior to the start of the online training, you will receive a confirmation reminder email for your registration in the online training. The morning the trainng opens you will receive another email with further instructions for accessing your training.

Important Note: You will not be able to access the training until 9 a.m. on the day it is scheduled to begin.

3. When are trainings available?

The online training will be available for 10 days (typically from Monday through Tuesday), with specific start and end dates, as listed on the registration calendar. You may access the training anytime during the week it is available, and you can login as many times as needed to complete the work.

The training will not be available prior to the start date. Thus, so while you may log into your account, you will not be able to access the training until it is made available on the day it is scheduled to begin.

4. Are there any meetings I have to attend for online trainings?

For online trainings, all training materials and interactions will take place completely online. You do not have to attend any face-to-face meetings. However, you must complete the pre-test by the third day of the training, or you will be removed from the class and considered a "no show."

5. What website do I go to in order to take my online class?

The online trainings are offered right here through the NM ATODU Prevention Workforce Training System's website.

When you login to your account, you will be taken to a list of online trainings you are currently taking. You will also see a new menu appear called "Online Trainings" and at any time, from any page in the Prevention Workforce website, you can click that link to access your online training.

6. How much time will I have to spend on the training?

The online training is intended to take the same amount of time as a face-to-face training, equal to the CEH provided.

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