What is a Core Team member and how to become one

  • Each OSAP-funded program can designate up to 7 people as Core Team members, as is explained in the OSAP Scope of Work.
  • Each OSAP-funded program must provide their designated list directly to OSAP Program Managers. Kamama Consulting cannot change Core Team members, as OSAP oversees this list and provides it to Kamama Consulting.
  • Core Team members are updated monthly by OSAP Program Managers. Any changes to the Core Team must be provided to OSAP Program Managers by the last day of each month. OSAP then provides the updated list to Kamama Consulting, and this becomes the official list for the following month.

Important: People added to the Core Team list in the middle of the month will become Core Team members starting the first day of the following month.

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