Policies Specific to Online Trainings 

Online trainings have the same registration and payment requirements as other trainings. Please register for an online training ONLY if you intend to attend and complete the entire training.

  • Each online training schedule allows more than enough time to complete all required work. Extensions of time to complete the training beyond the scheduled dates are not allowed.
  • If you register for but do not attend an online training, you will be charged a “no-show” fee equal to the cost of the training.
  • Participants who do not log into the online training and complete the pre-test by the 3rd day of training are considered a “no show,” are dropped from the training and are charged the no-show fee equal to the cost of the training.
  • As with other trainings, if you need to cancel an online training you must do so at least 5 business days prior to the start of the training. If you do not cancel prior to 5 business days before the training, you will be charged a late cancellation fee equal to the cost of the training.

Core Team / Non-Core Team - Specific

NOTE: No-show and late-cancel policies apply to both Core Team and non-Core Team members.

  • If a non-Core Team member has paid for the training in advance, they will not be refunded; the payment will be kept as the late cancel/no show fee. Otherwise, a bill will be sent.
  • Core Team members will receive a bill for the late cancel/no show fee.



If an emergency occurs during an online training and you are not able to complete the requirements, contact support@nmpreventionworkforce.org as soon as possible. You must have a legitimate excuse (for example, a family emergency or illness) for the training to not be considered an “incomplete.” You may be asked to show documentation. If there is an excusable reason for not completing the training (e.g., family emergency, illness) the training will not be marked as incomplete. Needing more time or other issues associated with working on the training towards the end of the scheduled time are not considered emergencies.

An "incomplete" for an online training is when you start a self-paced online training by the designated day, but you do not complete all the requirements.

An "incomplete" for hybrid training (that has combined online and live web-based or in-person components) is when you do not complete the online work by the designated day and time. (See additional attendance policies for completion requirements pertaining to the live web-based and in-person components.)

  • A Core Team member who receives an "incomplete" for two trainings will need to pay full price if they register for another training. Only after paying for, and completing this training, will you be eligible to attend future online trainings at no cost.
  • Non-Core Team participants who have paid in advance and who receive an “incomplete” because they did not complete the training in the designated time will not be issued a refund.



If you are a late cancelation, no-show, or do not complete an online training and receive an invoice, please send payment to:

Kamama Consulting
PO Box 371
Placitas NM 87043


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