Payment Policy

  • If payment is not received 3 business days before the training, please send an email to explaining when payment will be received. You may attend the training but will not receive your certificate until the balance of the training is paid.

  • If a Core Team member has an outstanding balance owed to Kamama Consulting you will not receive Certificates until the balance is paid.

  • Anyone who has an outstanding balance at the end of the fiscal year (July 1) will not be able to register for future trainings until the balance is paid.

  • If you carry a balance over 90 days, you will not be able to register and attend other trainings until the balance is paid.

  • Payments will not be accepted at the training site.

  • Participants who leave a training early, regardless of the reason, will not have their payment refunded.

  • Certificates of completion will be issued to those who have paid in full.

  • At the time you register, you will have the option of selecting to pay with a credit card through PayPal or to mail in your payment.

If mailing payments, please mail to:

Kamama Consulting
PO Box 371
Placitas NM 87043

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any payment issues or concerns you may have.

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