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Cultural Awareness When Working with Native Communities in New Mexico on Substance Use Prevention

This comprehensive training is designed for prevention professionals seeking to deepen their understanding and improve their practices within Tribal communities and people. Led by an expert with firsthand experience, this training covers the rich diversity of New Mexico’s Tribal governance, cultural practices, and sovereignty considerations that need to be made in substance use prevention efforts. You'll leave with a stronger foundation in Tribal protocols, federal policies, history, and current social and political issues related to substance use. This training will explore all these areas to foster productive relationships when doing prevention work in or with Tribal communities.

NOTE: If COVID impacts in-person training, the training will be moved to online during the same time(s) and dates.

FACILITATOR: Ardena Orosco
ICRC Domains: Domain 2 (Prevention Education and Service Delivery) Task 2, 3
                           Domain 3 (Communication) Task 8
                           Domain 6: (Professional Growth and Responsibility) Task 3

SESSION: held in-person in Albuquerque, April 17, 2024 (9:00 - 4:00) 

Training Date & Time 04-17-2024 9:00 am
End Date 04-17-2024 4:00 pm
Cancel Registration Before Date 04-10-2024 11:59 pm
Price $165.00
Categories IN PERSON, Intermediate Level

We are no longer accepting registrations for this event

Certified Prevention Specialist Test Preparation (CPSTP)

This training is for people who have met criteria to apply for their Certified Prevention Specialist Credential and will be testing within the next 6 months. Becoming a Certified Prevention Specialist requires you know the entire breadth of prevention, even things that are not in your scope of work. This training will provide a brief overview of the history/building blocks of prevention and then will move into a review the six domains you will be tested on: Planning/Evaluation; Prevention Education/ Service Delivery; Communication; Community Organization; Public Policy and Environmental Change; and Professional Growth/Responsibility. Because this is test preparation, you must come to this training with a working knowledge of each of these areas. Participants will also explore sample test questions and discuss test taking strategies. This training has been updated to meet the new test that was updated in March of 2023. Prerequisite: Participants must have taken the Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist Training (within the past 5 years) and Prevention Ethics. This training will meet for 4 mornings (9:00-12:00). Participants must be able to attend each session in its entirety. 

ICRC Domains: Domain 6 Professional Growth and Responsibility (Task 1, 2, 4,5)
SESSIONS: Live web-based Zoom, May 6-9, 2024 (9:00 - 12:00 each day) 

Training Date & Time 05-06-2024 9:00 am
End Date 05-09-2024 12:00 pm
Cancel Registration Before Date 04-29-2024 11:59 pm
Price $300.00
Categories LIVE WEB-BASED, Advanced Level

Inhalants: What Preventionists Need to Know

This training is designed to provide substance use prevention professionals with a comprehensive understanding of inhalant use. Inhalants may not frequently dominate substance use discussions, yet the 2021 NM Youth Risk and Resiliency Survey revealed that 6.6% of middle school students in New Mexico have experimented with inhalants. The initiation of inhalant use at an early age can lead to significant adverse effects on youth. Participants will delve into various substances that are inhaled for their psychoactive effects, examining both the immediate and enduring consequences of inhalant use, identifying symptoms of use, and evaluating evidence-based strategies alongside promising practices for prevention. This instructor-led online course ensures participants are well-informed and supported throughout their learning journey. By the end of the training, participants will not only possess a thorough knowledge of inhalant use and its community impact but also create a PowerPoint presentation to utilize as a practical resource in their preventive efforts. 

FACILITATOR: Contreta Endwarrior, MHA
ICRC Domains: Domain 1 Planning & Evaluation (Task 10)
                          Domain 2 Prevention Education & Service Delivery (Task 5)
                          Domain 3 Communication (Task 2)
                          Domain 4 Community Organization (Task 6)
                          Domain 6 Professional Growth & Responsibility (Task 1,7,8,9)
LOCATION: Self-paced Online Training, open from May 20 - 29, 2024

Training Date & Time 05-20-2024 9:00 am
End Date 05-29-2024 11:55 pm
Cancel Registration Before Date 05-13-2024 11:59 pm
Price $165.00
Categories ONLINE, Beginning Level

Ethics for the Prevention Professional

This is the foundational ethics course all preventionists need to take. Its purpose is to explore each principle in the ethical standards established by the New Mexico Credentialing Board for Behavioral Health Professionals. Participants will receive the Prevention Code of Ethics and utilize it to demonstrate their understanding of the standards through various activities. Additionally, participants will delve into the significance of ethical decision-making models that can aid in resolving dilemmas. Attending this session fulfills the requirement of six hours of ethics training for certification or re-certification. It is also a prerequisite for taking the Advanced Ethics training.

ICRC Domains: Domain 6, Task 2
SESSIONS: Live web-based Zoom, June 3-4 (9:00 am-11:45 am) 

Training Date & Time 06-03-2024 9:00 am
End Date 06-04-2024 11:45 am
Cancel Registration Before Date 05-27-2024 11:59 pm
Price $165.00
Categories LIVE WEB-BASED, Beginning Level

Introduction to Evaluation for Substance Use Prevention

This online training is tailored for professionals in substance use prevention who would like to increase their knowledge and skill in evaluation. It aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of evaluation principles including how it fits within the context of the Strategic Prevention Framework, highlighting the vital role that preventionists fulfill. Participants will gain both foundational knowledge and practical skills in evaluation methodologies and techniques. The training is designed to address both the theoretical foundations and the hands-on applications specific to substance use prevention efforts, with particular emphasis on meeting OSAP requirements.

FACILITATOR: Noah Salvatore PhD
ICRC Domains: Domain 1 Planning and Evaluation (Tasks 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14,15, 16)
                           Domain 6 Professional Growth and Responsibility (Task 1)  

LOCATION: Self-paced Online Training, open from June 10 - 18, 2024

Training Date & Time 06-10-2024 9:00 am
End Date 06-18-2024 11:55 pm
Cancel Registration Before Date 06-03-2024 11:59 pm
Price $165.00
Categories ONLINE, Intermediate Level
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