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Beginning Level

Implementing Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) in Your Community

Implementing effective substance use prevention services requires knowledge and skill in many areas beyond the strategy or program itself. Two important areas are cultural appropriateness and the use of familiar and inclusive language. Strategies and programs need to resonate with the people participating so the skills, knowledge, perceptions, awareness, and attitudes of these services can transfer into their lives. Providing appropriate cultural and linguistic prevention services requires self-awareness and intentional planning. This training provides participants an introduction to concepts like culture, cultural identity, bias, intersectionality, stereotypes, and microaggressions. Then national standards for culturally and linguistically appropriate services (CLAS) will be reviewed and used to identify specific examples of how the standards are currently being used in your prevention work. Finally, we will explore how culturally relevant communication and language assistance could be added into existing services.

FACILITATOR: Paula Feathers, MA
Dates:: Jun 16-21 (3 hours of self-paced online work June 16-20: Live online (Zoom) session Jun 21, 9:00-12:00)

Training Date & Time 06-16-2023 9:00 am
End Date 06-21-2023 12:00 pm
Cancel Registration Before Date 06-09-2023 11:59 pm
Price $165.00
Categories HYBRID (Live web-based PLUS Online work), Beginning Level

We are no longer accepting registrations for this event

Ethics for the Prevention Professional

This is the foundational ethics course all preventionists need to take. Its purpose is to explore each principle in the ethical standards established by the New Mexico Credentialing Board for Behavioral Health Professionals. Participants will receive the Prevention Code of Ethics and utilize it to demonstrate their understanding of the standards through various activities. Additionally, participants will delve into the significance of ethical decision-making models that can aid in resolving dilemmas. Attending this session fulfills the requirement of six hours of ethics training for certification or re-certification. It is also a prerequisite for taking the Advanced Ethics training. PLEASE NOTE: Ethics is offered twice in a fiscal year. If you require Ethics training by or before June 2024, it is advised to plan accordingly and enroll in this course.

FACILITATOR: Contreta Endwarrior, MHA
ICRC Domains: Domain 6, Task 2 
LOCATION: Self-paced Online Training, open from August 14-22, 2023

Training Date & Time 08-14-2023 9:00 am
End Date 08-22-2023 11:55 pm
Cancel Registration Before Date 08-07-2023 11:59 pm
Price $165.00
Categories ONLINE, Beginning Level

We are no longer accepting registrations for this event

What Preventionists Need to Know about Vaping and E-Cigs

Join our comprehensive training on vaping, where we will delve into the substances vaped, device types, health risks, flavor impacts, laws, and prevention strategies. We will also learn about the evidence that quitting nicotine supports individuals quitting other substances and why the Truth Campaign calls them "Depression Sticks." By the end of this training, participants will have a thorough understanding of vaping and be equipped with the knowledge to educate others and promote healthier behaviors in their communities.

NOTE: If COVID impacts in-person training, the training will be moved to online during the same time(s) and dates.

ICRC Domains: Domain 6, Task 9
SESSION: held in-person in Albuquerque, August 16, 2023 (9:00 - 4:00) 

Training Date & Time 08-16-2023 9:00 am
End Date 08-16-2023 4:00 pm
Cancel Registration Before Date 08-09-2023 11:59 pm
Price $165.00
Categories IN PERSON, Beginning Level

We are no longer accepting registrations for this event

Substance Use Prevention Skills Training (SUPST)

This training is one of the most crucial for Preventionists and has recently been updated. The "boot camp" utilizes an interactive format to provide insights into the history of prevention and examines theories applied in our profession. Participants will delve deep into the Strategic Prevention Framework and explore the activities encompassing each component (assessment, capacity, planning, implementation, evaluation, cultural proficiency, and sustainability). Notably, updates made in 2023 have been made to address health disparities, health equity, the relationship between harm reduction and prevention, as well as cultural proficiency and sustainability. Additionally, more comprehensive guidance on strategies to enhance capacity is now available. You will receive a manual that serves as an excellent reference source for years to come.

NOTE: If COVID impacts in-person training, this will be moved to online during the same times.

FACILITATORS: Tiffany M. Martinez-Durant, MS, MCHES, CPS and Ginny Adame, SCPS
ICRC Domains: Domain 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
SESSIONS: In-person training in Albuquerque, Sept. 18, 19, 20, 21 (9:00am - 5:00pm each day).

Training Date & Time 09-18-2023 9:00 am
End Date 09-21-2023 5:00 pm
Cancel Registration Before Date 09-11-2023 11:59 pm
Price $600.00
Categories IN PERSON, Beginning Level

We are no longer accepting registrations for this event

An Overview of Evidence-based Substance Use Prevention

Substance use prevention is an ever-evolving science. This training is intended to provide participants with a comprehensive overview of evidence-based substance use prevention. Participants will explore: the substances they are working to prevent, the history of substance use prevention, theories and models that have laid the foundation of prevention science, and how evidence-based is defined. Further prevention categories, strategies, and outcomes will be reviewed. Throughout the training participants will be developing a workbook that will serve as a helpful resource. This training will lay a solid foundation of knowledge for implementing evidence-based prevention.

FACILITATOR: Contreta Endwarrior, MHA
ICRC Domains: Domain 1 Planning & Evaluation (Task 1, 5, 6, 7, 10)
                          Domain 4 Community Organization (Task 6, 9)
                          Domain 5 Public Policy and Environmental Change (Task 3)
                          Domain 6 Professional Growth and Responsibility (Task 1)
LOCATION: Self-paced Online Training, open from November 13 - 21, 2023

Training Date & Time 11-13-2023 9:00 am
End Date 11-21-2023 11:55 pm
Cancel Registration Before Date 11-06-2023 11:59 pm
Price $200.00
Categories ONLINE, Beginning Level
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