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Intermediate Level

Preventing Youth Fentanyl Overdoses

Fentanyl overdoses are now the leading cause of death for youth and people between the ages of 18-45 (CDC, 2022), with the rate of teen deaths doubling over the past two years. There are daily news reports of students as young as middle school tragically dying of a fentanyl overdose. We urgently need to develop and implement comprehensive strategies to help keep our youth safe from this deadly substance. This workshop will provide up-to-date information about the impact of fentanyl on youth. Participants will learn about fentanyl and other synthetic opioids. A variety of promising prevention strategies will be presented which can be adapted for your community, including lessons for secondary students, parents and community members. In addition, the following critical issues related to tackling this crisis will also be discussed: harm reduction and youth substance use, intentional vs. unintentional overdoses and the role of stigma.

FACILITATOR: Shelley Man-Lev
SESSIONS: held via Zoom, September 7-8, 2022 (9:00 am - 12:00 pm each day) 

Training Date & Time 09-07-2022 9:00 am
End Date 09-08-2022 12:00 pm
Cancel Registration Before Date 08-31-2022 11:59 pm
Price $165.00
Categories LIVE WEB-BASED, Intermediate Level

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Successfully Managing Your OSAP Contract

This training will prepare anyone working on an Office of Substance Abuse Prevention (OSAP) grant to successfully manage their scope of work. This training will describe the federal and state requirements OSAP operates under that impact contracts, uses proven project management tools and techniques, and explores how to budget for strategies. Further, participants will review tips and practices for the management plan and developing a filing system to document costs and activities that support each fiscal year’s scope of work. Participants who have completed this training self-report a thorough understanding of how to conduct all required activities for the year.

Note: This training is open only to OSAP providers funded with SAPT or PFS20 funds.

FACILITATOR: Paula Feathers, MA
HYBRID SCHEDULE: Sept 13 (online) Sept 14 (online until 11:00am and Live web-based session from 1:00-4:00)

Training Date & Time 09-13-2022 9:00 am
End Date 09-14-2022 4:00 pm
Cancel Registration Before Date 09-06-2022 11:59 pm
Price N/A: OSAP programs only: No show and late cancellation fee $165
Categories HYBRID (Live web-based PLUS Online work), Intermediate Level

We are no longer accepting registrations for this event

Cannabis: What Preventionists Need to Know

For over 20 years our state’s youth marijuana use has been significantly higher than the United States rate (2021 NM Substance Use Epidemiology Profile). In 2021 New Mexico legalized the recreational use of cannabis for people 21 and over. It is important for preventionist to be familiar with this drug as we consider the impacts increased availability may have and implement prevention strategies for it in our communities. This training will provide a general overview of the cannabis plant and how its chemical components get people high and the difference between hemp and marijuana. How marijuana effects the entire body, consequences for short- and long-term use, and evidence-based and best practice prevention strategies will also be reviewed. A summary of the laws will be provided for reference. 

Note: this is a self-paced online training so be prepared and set aside dedicated time to work on this training.

FACILITATOR: Paula Feathers, MA
LOCATION: Self-paced Online Training, open from October 3-12, 2022

Training Date & Time 10-03-2022 9:00 am
End Date 10-12-2022 11:55 pm
Cancel Registration Before Date 09-26-2022 11:59 pm
Price $165.00
Categories ONLINE, Intermediate Level

We are no longer accepting registrations for this event

Audience Centered Public Speaking and Presentation Skills for Substance Use Preventionists

As a Preventionist you may be called on to provide trainings, presentations, participate in town hall meetings, community gatherings, and other events that will require you to speak confidently in front of other people. No one is born being a great public speaker. It takes training and practice. You will learn and practice how to 1) get out of your own way and manage your communication anxiety, 2) read and adapt to your audience, and 3) speak in a conversational way that enhances credibility and improves effectiveness. You will get to practice in a safe learning environment. This hybrid course will provide opportunities to cultivate online and in-person speaking skills that will be relevant to your role as a preventionist. Note: people must attend both the Zoom and in-person sessions.

SESSIONS: Live web-based, Oct. 17 (9:00-12:00 Zoom) In-person, Oct. 19 (9:00-4:00 Albuquerque)

Training Date & Time 10-17-2022 9:00 am
End Date 10-19-2022 4:00 pm
Cancel Registration Before Date 10-10-2022 11:59 pm
Price $225.00
Categories HYBRID (Live web-based PLUS In-person), Intermediate Level

We are no longer accepting registrations for this event

Using Trauma Sensitive Approaches to Build Community

Effective prevention requires individual meetings, small and large group gatherings, community events, educational sessions, and many other inter-personal interactions. Creating safety and trust in these environments is a foundational piece of community and relationship building. Trauma can affect a person’s participation and behavior at these types of events. This training will provide an overview of how trauma impacts human physiology, brain development, the stress response system and ultimately behavior. Participants will explore stress and trauma in the context of day-to-day stressors as well as the implications and impact of childhood adversity on adult health and wellbeing.  Participants will identify specific ways they can create safety through actions and words and will feel more prepared to use trauma sensitive approaches in their work.

SESSIONS: Live-web-based (Zoom), November 29 & 30, 2022 (9:00 - 12:15 each day) 

Training Date & Time 11-29-2022 9:00 am
End Date 11-30-2022 12:15 pm
Cancel Registration Before Date 11-22-2022 11:59 pm
Price $165.00
Categories LIVE WEB-BASED, Intermediate Level

We are no longer accepting registrations for this event

Evolution of Prescription Drugs

Did you know the opioid epidemic we are currently experiencing is considered the 4th wave, or epidemic, the United States has experienced? Our nation has experienced many adverse consequences fueled by prescription drugs. This online training will provide participants a comprehensive overview of prescription drugs. We will journey through history, including how drugs became "prescription" in the first place. We will also identify the most misused prescription drugs. How these drugs affect the body to foster dependence in some people will also be examined. A thorough review of state and federal responses to the public health problems caused by prescription drugs will be studied. Finally, a very general overview of both effective and ineffective prevention strategies will be examined.

Note: this is a self-paced online training so be prepared and set aside dedicated time to work on this training.

FACILITATOR: Paula Feathers, MA
LOCATION: Self-paced Online Training, open from March 27 - April 4, 2023

Training Date & Time 03-27-2023 9:00 am
End Date 04-04-2023 11:55 pm
Cancel Registration Before Date 03-20-2023 11:59 pm
Price $180.00
Categories ONLINE, Intermediate Level

Renewing Our Energy and Framing Our Prevention Communications Using Hope and Concern

Prevention can get heavy. When we look at data and focus on the consequences of substance misuse our world can start to turn grey if we let it. This training will explore the Science of the Positive and how we can turn heavy messages (think overdose or underage drinking) into information that will resonate with our community. This dynamic and skill-building workshop will begin with an overview of the Science of the Positive and allow participants to reframe their prevention goals by focusing on the health and safety they are looking to increase in their communities.  We will also practice how to frame prevention communications by incorporating both hope and concern.   Participants will be introduced to effective communication strategies and provided opportunities to practice and build their communication skills.

FACILITATOR: Jason Anderson
SESSIONS: Live-web-based (Zoom), April, 11 &12, 2023 (9:00 - 12:00 each day) 

Training Date & Time 04-11-2023 9:00 am
End Date 04-12-2023 12:00 pm
Cancel Registration Before Date 04-04-2023 11:59 pm
Price $185.00
Categories LIVE WEB-BASED, Intermediate Level

You Deserve Better: Self-Care for the Prevention Professional

Stress, anxiety, worry, overwhelm. These are the feelings that can arise in our lives, affecting each of us differently. You may be the only person to walk in your shoes, yet most interactions, engagements, and other pending priorities involve other aspects of life that can cause the inevitable feelings mentioned. While you focus on managing your career, family, relationships, etc., where and when do you choose to focus on yourself? This training will take you through a journey of why we tend to put so much on our shoulders, the history of our working world, reflection of your priorities, and reviewing your very own wellness wheel. Participants will be given opportunities, strategies, and solutions to learn, engage, and practice in self-care activities. Together we will reflect on the "what is" and discover the "what can be" while we set sail on the voyage of putting you first.

FACILITATOR: Tiffany M. Martinez-Durant, MS, MCHES, CPS
SESSION: held in-person in Albuquerque, May 17, 2023 (9:00 - 4:00) 

Training Date & Time 05-17-2023 9:00 am
End Date 05-17-2023 4:00 pm
Cancel Registration Before Date 05-10-2023 11:59 pm
Price $165.00
Categories IN PERSON, Intermediate Level
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