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05-26-2020 - 06-04-2020

Making Environmental Strategies Effective for Your Community - Online Training

This online training is for people who have been planning and implementing substance abuse prevention and are familiar with theories and planning processes. The training will provide an overview of the importance of environment, review various environmental strategies that have been used, and will guide participants through the development of an environmental strategy plan for their community using the valuable resource Getting to Outcomes 2004 as the planning guide. This interactive training will use various teaching techniques including video analysis, group discussions, document development, and brief lectures. Participants go at their own pace and have the ten (10) days to complete 6 hours of online work.  Please plan ahead and set aside sufficient time to complete the class.

LEVEL: Advanced
DEVELOPED BY: Paula Feathers, MA
FACILITATED By: Contreta Endwarrior, MHA
FEE: $130

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Disabilities: Understanding the Diversity of Learning

NOTE: This training will be held via a web-based format and will be held form 9am - 4pm on May 27,2020

The World Health Organization estimates that 15% (over a billion) of the world population has a disability. In the United States, 61 million adults and 17% of children ages 3 – 17 have a disability. In New Mexico, the 2017 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) identified 26.5% of the adult population identifies with having a disability. Disabilities go beyond affecting people physically, whether it is short-term or long-term. Learning disabilities create a difference in the way an individual processes and comprehends information. Because learning disabilities are “invisible,” it is easy to exclude this population in our work. There are several methods to being dismissive and inclusive in the way we deliver trainings, instructions, presentations, visual aids, and programs. This training will help preventionists understand the various aspects of disability and how to be inclusive in their prevention practice and workplace approaches. Participants will learn about disability policy, understanding the various learning disabilities (e.g. ADHD, dyslexia, mental health, memory retrieval, etc.), theories, models, universal design, and respectful language. Preventionists will gain hands-on experience and knowledge to be supportive of diverse learners.

LOCATION: Albuquerque
LEVEL: Advanced
TRAINER: Leonel A. Diaz Jr., M.Ed.
FEE: $130


Successfully Managing Your OSAP Contract

Note: This training is only open to OSAP providers.
The Office of Substance Abuse Prevention (OSAP) receives money to fund communities from both federal and state governments. Both of these funding sources have requirements that OSAP must adhere to in order to stay in compliance and maintain funding for the entire state of New Mexico. These requirements trickle down to each OSAP provider into contracts and Scopes of Work (SOW). With decreases in funding availability, it is crucial to manage your OSAP contract and ensure your SOW is fully being met. This training will assist in successfully managing an OSAP contract using proven Project Management tools and techniques. Participants will review tips and practices for: the management plan; budgeting; final reports; how to work with OSAP when a strategy isn’t working and suggesting a change in SOW; and developing an archiving process for the repository of project’s institutional documents.  

LOCATION: One-Day Remote Training
LEVEL: Intermediate
TRAINER: Paula Feathers, MA
FEE: n/a *$130 for no shows or late cancelations

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